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March 27, 2006


Now that people are getting the Save the Date card they're starting to ask some questions. Questions like "where should we stay in Chicago?" and "are you guys registered anywhere?" All of your questions will be answered. In April.

To register, for example, takes 2 or 3 hours free. In a row. During business hours. (Yes, yes, there's the internet, but darn it, I want to walk around the store with that gun.) And between all our stuff, we just haven't had that kind of time (any kind of time, come to think of it). Just when I got back from New York, Erica headed off to Mississippi for a week.

But she'll be back in April and we've cleared out our schedules. Some. (Do you know how hard it is for me to say "no" to a project?) Enough, anyway, to answer your questions. In April.

March 17, 2006

As I type...

... Erica's parents and my parents are meeting for the first time, down in Vicksburg. And we're not there to mediate! Who knows what hideously embarrassing us-at-5-years-old stories they're telling?

Allison and Gavin

My friend Allison just got engaged to her boyfriend Gavin at Navy Pier, with temporary tattoos and stained glass playing a role.

March 15, 2006

Wedding dress sizing

An interesting anecdote from Jason Kottke about how an experienced dressmaker sizes wedding dresses.

Erica has hers, and is looking for someone to do some alterations on it. If anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment or let Erica know.

March 12, 2006


We ordered rings! Wedding rings, that is. We went back to Holtzmann's on Clark, who had handled resizing Erica's engagement ring. We had looked at rings there before and Michael Holtzmann had told us to go off, think about it, and to check other places. We did think about it, but we had such a good feeling from Michael that we didn't look anywhere else, we just went back.

Uncharacteristically, I didn't take any pictures, but the rings we were trying on were just samples anyway -- ours are going to be specially made for us. We're going with red gold, both in a matte finish. Mine will be a fairly simple flat band, and Erica's has an engraved design and sparklies. It's really quite pretty. In fact, they'd better be, to be rings that we're going to wear for the rest of our lives.

March 10, 2006

23 + 1 = 24


Did you know that postcards rates had gone up to 24¢? Yeah, neither did we. So after we stamped all those cards with 23¢ George Washington heads, today Erica added 150 1¢ birds. That, and some label issues, mean that we're finally getting the cards out today. So you should see it next week.

If you don't get a card next week, it's not because we don't want you at the wedding. If you're reading this, we want you at the wedding. (Yes, you stranger in Manitoba, we want you at the wedding.) It's because the postcard got lost in the mail, or because we don't have your mailing address and have an old email address for you, so our email that asked what your mailing address was bounced. Or something. Please don't be offended, just drop me a note with your mailing address and a cute little save-the-date card (and eventually an invitation) will be on its merry way to you.

March 9, 2006

Dana and Bilal's Engagement Photo

Dana and Bilal

Dana and Bilal's engagement photo is nearly as cute as ours. Yes, I said cute. Samurais are the new kittens, didn't you hear?

Oh, and their photo was taken by Johnny Knight, who has an ongoing series of photos of brides in unusual situations.

March 8, 2006

C'est arrivé!

Save-the-dates cards

The save-the-date cards arrived today, which means that tonight is gonna be a stampin' and labelin' party! (After we finish integrating Erica and my address books. And while we watch the finale of Project Runway.)

March 7, 2006

Mugsy and Carrie

Mugsy and Carrie got engaged. Congrats! (part 2, pictures of the moment)