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We ordered rings! Wedding rings, that is. We went back to Holtzmann's on Clark, who had handled resizing Erica's engagement ring. We had looked at rings there before and Michael Holtzmann had told us to go off, think about it, and to check other places. We did think about it, but we had such a good feeling from Michael that we didn't look anywhere else, we just went back.

Uncharacteristically, I didn't take any pictures, but the rings we were trying on were just samples anyway -- ours are going to be specially made for us. We're going with red gold, both in a matte finish. Mine will be a fairly simple flat band, and Erica's has an engraved design and sparklies. It's really quite pretty. In fact, they'd better be, to be rings that we're going to wear for the rest of our lives.


Now your finger will look just like Nelly's mouth:

"The whole top's diamond and the bottom's rose gold."