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Now that people are getting the Save the Date card they're starting to ask some questions. Questions like "where should we stay in Chicago?" and "are you guys registered anywhere?" All of your questions will be answered. In April.

To register, for example, takes 2 or 3 hours free. In a row. During business hours. (Yes, yes, there's the internet, but darn it, I want to walk around the store with that gun.) And between all our stuff, we just haven't had that kind of time (any kind of time, come to think of it). Just when I got back from New York, Erica headed off to Mississippi for a week.

But she'll be back in April and we've cleared out our schedules. Some. (Do you know how hard it is for me to say "no" to a project?) Enough, anyway, to answer your questions. In April.


The gun is cool, but also seeing the stuff in person is important to me, 'cause sometimes the pictures can be deceptive. They lie Fuzzy, they LIE!!! And colors can be off. We're going to try again, our first outing was not our best. We have more info and have gotten lots of advice on price range and places to go. Seeing how crappy Fields was helped a lot. They're turning into Macy's at a bad time for us. bffft.

I think Bryan partially put up with it all because he got to play with the gun. We decided to treat it as a vacation in Chicago, marathoned it and did C&B, Williams Sonoma, and Fields on State all on one day - WHEW. And then treated ourselves to a really good dinner out to celebrate.

Our experience at Fields wasn't too bad, but then, that's when Fields was Target and we know all things were better in the old days. Although surprisingly when we registered at Macy's [for all those CA people] it wasn't that hard, so who knows what's going on.

And then later we registered at Target. Let me tell you, that man went click crazy in the movie section...I found things on that list I didn't even knew existed. 17 pages in all. Their website is fantasic for updating the registry.

The best thing is just to enjoy it and don't leave out the odd stuff you really like, but that you think someone would never buy you, 'cause they will!