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23 + 1 = 24


Did you know that postcards rates had gone up to 24¢? Yeah, neither did we. So after we stamped all those cards with 23¢ George Washington heads, today Erica added 150 1¢ birds. That, and some label issues, mean that we're finally getting the cards out today. So you should see it next week.

If you don't get a card next week, it's not because we don't want you at the wedding. If you're reading this, we want you at the wedding. (Yes, you stranger in Manitoba, we want you at the wedding.) It's because the postcard got lost in the mail, or because we don't have your mailing address and have an old email address for you, so our email that asked what your mailing address was bounced. Or something. Please don't be offended, just drop me a note with your mailing address and a cute little save-the-date card (and eventually an invitation) will be on its merry way to you.