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Engagement Party

But hey, we don't want to get so caught up in planning the wedding that we forget to enjoy being engaged. On Saturday, February 4, we're having a combo Engagement / House (well, apartment) Warming / Birthday (mine) Party at our new place. You're invited, of course, because you are our close, personal friend.

Oh, and so much has happened this weekend that I almost forgot that we also went out and took engagement photos with my friend James Trevenan. We met up on Sunday afternoon at the Art Institute and did a bunch of shots in the garden just south of the main entrance and then wandered around Millennium Park a bit. We were all a little nevous about getting hassled by the security because of last year's "professional photography" hoo-hah and James' camera was pretty impressive and "professional" looking, but we never got a second glance. I had brought a card reader to be able to get instant copies of the photos, but I had neglected to clear off enough space on my iPod (which is what my card reader dumps photos to) and so I've had to practice that most un-digital of virtues -- patience. I should get copies of the photos tomorrow. I guess we're going to be rather traditional and send photos to home-town papers. Whee.