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Closing in on date

We went and looked at a venue for the wedding this weekend. It's a rather non-traditional location -- a large loft apartment -- but it's spacious, public-transport accessible, and, perhaps most importantly, (possibly) available during the height of wedding-season. And weather (and landlord) permitting, we'd like to have the actual ceremony on the roof. Because it's an apartment, we're waiting for all the roommates to agree to let us borrow their place for an afternoon.

We also looked at wedding rings, which was fun. We went back to the same jeweler that resized our engagement ring. The jeweler who helped us was... opinionated. One of the first rings he showed Erica was very ornate and I expressed the idea that maybe we should have matching rings. He looked at me as though looking across the top of imaginary bifocals and paused for a moment before asking, "are you the same person?" But it was good -- we got a lot of good ideas and will likely go back to get our rings (though I suppose we should shop around). I was looking at a pretty simple band of red gold. There's a finish called "fibreglass finish" that Michael (the jeweler) was pretty proud of, that looked to me like the ring had been all scratched up. Hmmm.

And, hey, is the Q section of the Sunday Tribune always filled with wedding stuff? A teaser about wedding rings (that actually turned out to be about engagement rings) caught my eye (it's, you know, on my mind) and I picked up the paper yesterday and the whole section was chock-full of weddingy stuff. Maybe it's always there and I'm just noticing it now because I'm thinking about it.


hey, what fun to read all about what ya'll are doing for your wedding. I do have a nice cd of wedding music if you want it-I don't plan to need it again as Don is the LAST man I plan to marry!! Joey may be in Virginia in July so maybe he can get to Chicago too. I know Jamie and I are planning to get there and Don will if he is not working out of state at the time! love to you both!