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Engagement Photos

Erica and Fuzzy

I don't think I'd ever thought about "engagement photos" until Dan and Vicky had some taken last winter. I mean, I knew people put pictures in the paper, but at least as far as I remember those tend to be Owen Mills-style stiff portraits in front of a colored backdrop. Dan and Vicky went down to the lakefront and wandered around being cute and lovey while a photographer took pictures of them.

Well, I like wandering and being cute, and Erica wanted to do the whole picture-in-the-home-town-paper thing. (I don't really have a home town, but I have websites that need cute pictures of us.) We asked my friend James Trevenen from work if he could take some pictures of us.

So this last Sunday we bundled up against the chill and headed downtown to the Art Institute. We took a bunch of photos in the South Garden of the Art Institute, near the The Fountain of the Great Lakes by Lorado Taft. (One of our friends' great-aunts was the model for one of the Lakes ladies.) Then we moved to the front of the Art Institute for a few shots with the iconic Edward Kemeys' lions. And then on to Millennium Park for a few shots in the Lurie Garden and then by the mostly-inaccessible Cloud Gate ("the Bean"). We wondered if we were going to get hassled by security because of James' very professional looking camera, but we never got a second glance. So finished up and went to Ada's to warm up with some soup.

We're really happy with the photos. There are some paper-worthy ones and some just plain cute ones and ones that reflect our personalities, too. Thanks James!

A (large) selection of the photos are in a set at Flickr.


Really great photos! I hope you have some copies made of some!

Awesome! Yea, wandering around being cute is the way to go! They turned out beautiful, guys!

Exclamation points!

I want copies of all of them!

You guys are sooooooo cute! Your pictures rock!

Look at these pictures and then very quietly ask yourself, "What is the Matrix?"

Them Agents ain't no match for Luv.

You are adorable! I want copies!