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Wedding Rings!

Wedding Rings, Ours

We picked up our wedding rings last night!

(And because I promised that we wouldn't leave them out of the story, Dayna LaRosa and John Mulhern happened to be walking by just as we got to Holtzmann's and they came in and congratulated/made fun of us (respectively). Then they went to have pizza at Cafe Luigi which they claim is the best (NY-style) pizza in Chicago. Noted.)

NOW we can get married at any moment. I mean, we're going to wait until July 29, but if we wanted to we could run downtown today to city hall, slip on those puppies and boom ... married-town.

They're both red gold. Erica's has an engraved pattern and little diamond chips. Mine is a "fibreglass" finish, which was a mistake (it was supposed to be matte) but I decided I liked it. You keep a fibreglass finish fresh by attacking your ring with a Scotch-Brite(tm) scour pad (or as we call it -- a "green scrubby") and they even gave me a little square of one. Which is just... manly. No fancy chemicals or micro-fibre cloths for me -- I clean my ring with an industrial scrubbing product. Boom.


These are so damn gorgeous! You two are tuggin' at my girly heart strings. Let's do this! Yahoo!

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!

ditto. to both comments. cute cute and cute.

You guys have your license yet? Cuz that is when you for reals can get insta-married.

I absolutely love your wedding rings. I haven't seen anything like them before, and I'm in the business. I'm going to post a link to your photos on my wedding blog.

Take care!