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Thank you

Thank you front - Mustapha and Parker

We kept extending our deadline -- first the end of August, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving -- but I am proud to say that we got all our wedding thank you notes written before Christmas. We're done! And I'm happy to say that we both wrote on every note -- we're in the marriage together, we should thank people for the presents together, we figure.

It's really been brought home to us during this whole wedding process that Chicago postal service is terrible -- so if you don't get a thank you note from us, let us know and we'll get another one out to you, lickety split. We want you to know our gratitude.

And a final "thank you" is due to Kate O'Leary, who drew the illustrations that we used for the front and back (above and below, respectively) of the thank you card.

Thank you back - Latte


"We didn't get a note," she said in a tiny, very quiet voice. We don't need one, but we do hope you like the plate."