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The Band: R. Buzzy

R. Buzzy

We got a lot of compliments on the band at the wedding. Rightly so -- I've been a fan of those guys since I booked Honest Engine (Matt and Phil and wassisname) at the Guru Java Coffeehouse so many years ago. These days Matt and Phil and Paul are R. Buzzy and they're better than ever.

When the guys showed up at the space they warned me that I had booked R. Buzzy, but that they had added Paul's brother Jim on guitar and learned a lot of cover tunes, so I shouldn't expect the same RB I knew and loved. Fortunately, WeddingBandRuthBuzzy rocks just as hard (and as fun) as RegularRuthBuzzy.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that you can get their last CD, Mission Statement, for the bargain price of $10. Also, the band will be playing a show tonight (Friday, August 24) at Cal's (400 S Wells) and Elbo Room (2871 N Lincoln in Chicago) on Friday, September 22, 2006.

I was sad that I was so busy during the wedding that I couldn't just sit and listen (or dance and listen) to all the stuff the band was playing. After the jump, the complete set list (including all of of Jim's just-for-the-band notes):

Softset - 16x3 = 48min?

People Get Ready – C – together
Book of Love – G – Phil
More – Ab – together
All Over Again – G – together
One Heart 2 Spill – A – Phil
Crazy 4 You – capo 7 – E – together
Aimee – capo 7 – me
Can’t Get it Outta My Head – capo 3 – A –Phil
Here Comes My Baby – D – Matt
Sweet Caroline – capo 2 – E – together
Old Car - __ - ________
Sentimental Lady – capo 4 – hi E str – Ph&J
Driver 8 – E – together
Hold Me Up – E – Matt
Stairway to Sweet Child (B) – Phil
Time After Time – F to C - Phil

Roxette – 20x3 = 60 min?

Come Together – D – all together
White Wedding – harmonics to Bm – me
Caught Up in You – hi E – all together
I Got You Babe – hi E – all together
U Got tha Look – B – all together
Every Kid Knows – D – together [mp3]
I Wn’t Do Anything 4 U – E (to C#) – together
Here Comes Your Man – G – Phil (Tunedown guitar change)
Say It Ain’t So – C#m – Phil
Jailbreak – E - single hit together
Cowboy Song – A (to C#m) – me (regular guitar change – Drop D)
I Think I’m In Love – Phil (tune up from D)
Girl U Want – E – Phil
Vultures and Doves – hi F – together
Sea of Balls – C7/G7 – together
Kiss – flanger hi A open – me
Southern Girls – E – Matt
Come On – E walkup – together
Fire – (A?) – Phil
Porchlight – G - together


They were great! I only got to dance to the last song though, and I would love to hear them again. And Paul was extremely, EXTREMELY nice and chatted with me for several minutes after everyone started clearing out! He didn't have to do that and I felt that he went above and beyond what he had to do.

OMG! It's blonde Erica from New Stage. I am getting married in Sept and was searching out images to give my future sister-in-law for the rehearsal dinner. There you were blogging about your wedding and complete with pirates! Wow! Cool.