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Photos from the Post-Wedding Brunch


We knew that on the actual wedding day, we'd get to have 2 minute conversations, at best, with anyone. But we also knew that good friends would be making long journeys to come to the wedding, so we wanted to have a way to spend some time with them. A pretty traditional mechanism to accomplish that goal is a post-wedding brunch. So we started looking into having a brunch somewhere.

And quickly realized that anywhere we actually liked to eat on Sunday morning would already be packed. And we didn't want to go somewhere we didn't actually like. We were getting kinda depressed about our inability to find an appropriate restaurant when the brainstorm hit us -- don't go to a restaurant. We could have a picnic on the lakeshore. It's one of Chicago's best features, we live right near the lake, and we could make everyone tasty sammichs.

And then it rained Sunday morning.

So we had everyone over to our house. I hope no wandered around Foster Beach in the rain, unable to find us. The people who did make it over to our house admirably fulfilled the goal of actual conversation with our far-flung friends. And I took some pictures.