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Rehearsal Dinner

The Winners

This is what catering your own rehearsal dinner, reception, and post-wedding brunch looks like. (Beer, wine, and soft drinks are not included in these carts.) Thanks, Costco.

While my poor sweet fiancee (it's my last day to use that word) tries to sleep away the cold I gave her, I'm such a geek and control freak that I'm still up, just 14 hours before my wedding, well, a) updating this, b) assembling all the stuff from this house that still needs to get to the loft tomorrow and c) labeling half of it, because I'm not going to be there for the tear-down and, frankly, that's bugging me a bit. This is, I realize, an issue.

Anyway, we did all the last big errands today, like the big grocery trip, and then came home and got ready (with a ton of help from Christopher and Katie) for the rehearsal dinner, which we were having at our place as a backyard barbecue. (Oh, and special thanks, too, to Erik letting me make him grill master.) We actually rehearsed, and then ate. And talked. And drank. And ate. And talked. Photos of same added to Flickr set.

And tomorrow we're getting married!