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Open Scrapbook

Wow! What a great time the wedding was! (Sorry about the 1000° weather.) There's so much to say and share... and we're going to be gone for a week honey-mooning, so it's unlikely we're going get any photos or anything up here until we get back. But please use the comments of this post to share wedding memories, well-wishes, etc.

(Thanks to Lawrence for yet another good idea.)


Congrats guys!
I have one good picture I'll try to send you or post here as soon as I remember to download it off of my camera.
Your wedding ceremony was both sweet and Bee-oo-tiful!
All the best wishes for you 2!

I think your dad put it best when he said "God brought Mississippi to you for your wedding day" in regards to the toasty temperature. The words in the ceremony were precious and perfect and standing right next to you both I could see and feel the love and genuine intent in every word you said to one another. It was the first wedding I've been to where a crowd of greasy, sweaty, yet smiling onlookers not only were happy to see the bide, but completely cheered for her. I get all happy just thinking about it again! I hope you both are having a relaxing, romatic time on your honeymoon. The best is yet to come! Love ya both!
-Rebecca Rine-Stone

You guys were so adorable. I'm so glad Victoria and I could be there! I hope you're far away from the thoughts of mundane life, enjoying each other's company, and knowing how excited Chicago is going to be to have you back.

Also, I'm pretty sure that when you're married, you can combine with your spouse into a giant ass-kicking robot. We're still working out the finer points of it, but I promise to share once I figure it out.

sorry that i didn't make it down to the wedding, it sounds like it was a great time despite the heat. I wish all the best. Hope Duluth is in your vacation plans in the future. You know there are plenty of sofas to crash on.

The thing i remember the most is the HUGE constant smile on Erica's face. You were beeming from within. Seeing you so happy was worth the 18 hour drive. Fuzzy thank you for doing such a good job! Keep up the good work. Smile and the world smiles with you.