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Chicago Food Suggestions

I've had some requests from some out-of-town guests for recommendations of where to get Chicago foods -- deep dish pizza and so on -- and I'd thought I'd put it up here where a) people who haven't asked, but might also be interested, can also see it and b) let our Chicago friends chime in with their own recommendations.

For each food stuff, I'll try to recommend something in the neighborhood of the wedding, but I may also recommend places a little farther afield for the adventurous.


There are subtle differences between Deep Dish and Stuffed, but in either case we're talking about a big hunk of cheese and dough. Bring your Lactaid if you're at all lactose intolerant. And get Sausage or Spinach to be all Chicago-y.

There's a Giordano's at 1040 W Belmont Ave. A good solid choice.

The original Pizzeria Uno and Due are downtown (29 E Ohio and 619 N Wabash) and definitely have their fans.

Lately, we've been big fans of the not-at-all Chicago-y pizza at Piece (I get the cheese-less! Gasp!), 1927 W North Ave. Try the Beer-mosa!

Hot Dogs

I'm a big fan of the Chicago-style hot dog. It's hard to go wrong with the dozens of places in Chicago that serve them and I'm a fan of Cubby Dog (3550 N Clark) BUT there are Cubs home games Thursday through Sunday, so Wrigleyville will be something of a mess.

It's a trek over to Hot Doug's (3324 N California) AND they're only open Monday-Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm. AND there's usually a 30-45 minute wait. But it's the best hot dogs and sausages I've ever had.


If you want to do a fancy brunch, both Orange (3231 N Clark) and Toast (746 W Webster) are great. Expect a wait.

If you want a good, but non-fancy, breakfast, we're regulars at The Little Corner Restaurant (5939 N Broadway).


Metropolis (1039 W Granville) and Intelligentsia (3123 N Broadway) both have great, non-major chain, coffee. Metropolis also has an awesome homemade chai.

Everything else

Chicago has the foods of all nations. There's great sushi, Thai, Mexican, Ethiopian, etc. food available all over. You tell me and I'll add it to the list.