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Quick wedding stats

In the invites we asked people to RSVP by June 30, but this weekend we got a little antsy and sent out a reminder email. Here's the stats as of today:

We sent 253 invitations. We have received 132 responses for 157 guests. We're waiting on 121 responses.

Remember, you can RSVP by emailing us at rsvp@ericaandfuzzy.com or by filling out the handy webform. (Or by calling us or stopping us on the street, but then I write a note to myself and then lose the note. It's true.)

And if you think you should have received an invitation but have not, please let us know. We've heard from several people that they have not gotten theirs who should have. Stoopid Chicago mail.


Our RSVP date is June 30th too, funny enough, and yes, one guest had their reply returned to them as "Undeliverable: Address Unknown." Ah, yes. Stoopid Chicago mail.