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June 26, 2006

Wedding Presents

We got these lovely (c)(pl)atters for our wedding.

We got these lovely catters...I mean, platters for our wedding.

Hotel Reservation Code

Apparently, you need a reservation code to book rooms in the Days Inn that we've designated.
It is: RGWE

Officially, the cut off date to make reservations was Sunday, June 25th, but they may still honor our discounted rate. CALL NOW IF YOU NEED TO BOOK A ROOM!

June 22, 2006

I've read it's good to have props for wedding photos

Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding.

June 19, 2006

Chicago Wedding Shower

Flip flops

Thanks to Mel and Leslie for organizing our Chicago Wedding Shower and to everyone who came out and loaded us up with loot. Thanks to Rine-Stone for taking so many pictures. (No thanks to T's for kinda being jags.)

Quick wedding stats

In the invites we asked people to RSVP by June 30, but this weekend we got a little antsy and sent out a reminder email. Here's the stats as of today:

We sent 253 invitations. We have received 132 responses for 157 guests. We're waiting on 121 responses.

Remember, you can RSVP by emailing us at rsvp@ericaandfuzzy.com or by filling out the handy webform. (Or by calling us or stopping us on the street, but then I write a note to myself and then lose the note. It's true.)

And if you think you should have received an invitation but have not, please let us know. We've heard from several people that they have not gotten theirs who should have. Stoopid Chicago mail.

A More Perfect Union

I'm doing this challenge where I'm trying to read at least 50 books in a year. I'm up to 37 and Hana Schank's A More Perfect Union: How I Survived the Happiest Day of My Life was recommended on some blog or another (I forget) and I decided that a quick read about someone else's wedding problems was just what I needed six weeks out from my own.

I really connected with Ms. Schank at the beginning of the book, as she sets out to have a wedding that's not "different" (e.g. the hot air balloon wedding or the oft-maligned Klingon wedding) but isn't necessarily the same as every other wedding, either -- because that's the path we're trying to tread as well. As the book went on, I became a little frustrated that she seemed to do an awful lot of research about how arbitrary most wedding customs are* only to turn around and acquiesce to many of those traditions. But then, I'm a little hesitant to criticize since a) she's a real person and not a character and b) I'm sure it would be a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

* Ask for my All Our Traditions Were Invented by the Victorians(tm) Rant next time we're at a bar.

June 16, 2006

Reception After-Party

As you can see from the wedding location snapshot, the wedding will be right next door to the Lennox Lounge (3032 N Lincoln Avenue), so we've arranged with them to be the official Reception After-Party location. They'll be offering a drink special of $3 all draft beers from 5:00 - 8:30 pm for anybody from the wedding. A number of folks from the sadly-defunct Tiny Lounge are involved in the Lennox Lounge and it's a nice, cozy bar with great food.

Wedding Location

Wedding Map

Here's a Google Map of the wedding location.

Wedding Location

And here's a visual aid when you're actually in the neighborhood. 3036 is just the single doorway, sandwiched between the Lennox Lounge and the Chicago Antique Center. The loft is on the second floor.

June 14, 2006

Top Wedding Gifts

The Onion - STATshot - Top Wedding Gifts

From The Onion.

Thank You notes

We're trying to stay on top of Thank You notes right from the start here, so some of you may already be receiving notes which feature another Kate O'Leary illustration. I just want to say, be sure to look on the back of the card.


We know that we have a fair number of out-of-town friends coming into-town for the wedding, and we know that the wedding day can be a bit hectic, so we'd like to make sure we'll have a chance to socialize in a relaxed way. So the day after the wedding we'll be having a picnic on the lake shore.

Where: Foster Beach, probably on the grass just south of the bathrooms. There's plenty of parking.
When: Sunday, July 30, noonish
What: We'll have sandwich fixins and soft drinks. Come sit with us and chat!

June 13, 2006

Alternative Weddings in the NY Post

I've been reading comedian Mandy Stadtmiller's blog Bloggy McBlogalot for a while and today she had a piece in the New York Post about "Alternative Weddings". The article points to another couple's website: Another Fucking Wedding (sorry about the language, mom).

June 7, 2006

Sappy Songs

I was biking home last night and Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings' All Over Again (from her album Naturally, though it was on my iPod from the Soul Sides Vol. 1 album) came on just as I was getting home and I realized that it's a perfect description of my feelings for Erica.

You'd think after all this time, I wouldn't be surprised
You'd think there'd be nothin' new when I looked into your eyes
You'd think there ain't nothin' about you that I ain't realized
But every time I see you
But every time I see you, darlin'
But every time I see you
I fall in love, all over again

How many times I thought I knew you better than no one could
How many times I thought I'd love you more than any heart would
How many times I thought these things, but I misunderstood
'Cause every time I see you
'Cause every time I see you, darlin'
But every time I see you
I fall in love, all over again

And the years may come passin' by
We're gonna get old, wrinkled, and gray
But I can't think of nothin' better
No better way to pass the time
Than falling in love day after day after day

After all the love we've made, you'd think that we'd be tired
And after every part of you I've kissed and I've admired
After all that we've been through, we oughtta be uninspired
But every time I see you
But every time I see you, darlin'
Every time I see you
I fall in love, all over again

So, um, yeah. Like that.

June 5, 2006



We went over to our friend Rebecca Rine-Stone's this weekend to look at wedding flower arrangement possibilities she had put together. We managed to make all the decisions about arrangements and colors, so that's another thing off the checklist. Also, something she had thrown together out of extra flowers became one of our main favorites, which so often seems to be the case.

More pictures of pretty flowers in a Flickr set.

June 1, 2006

Taste of Lincoln Avenue

It's not a crisis, but we did just realize that the 23rd Annual Taste of Lincoln Avenue is the same weekend as our wedding. The festival takes place along Lincoln Avenue from Fullerton to Wrightwood (a mile south of the wedding). Parking will likely be affected (boo) and you defintely won't be able to come up Lincoln Ave to get to the wedding, if that was your plan. But on the other hand, if you're looking for something to do after the wedding, the Cherry Poppin' Daddies will be playing at 8 pm.

Update: There's also a Cubs game that day at 3:00 pm. So traffic from the north will be bad, as well. We're surrounded!


Wow, so it is June 1. The wedding is July 29. That means, we are getting married NEXT MONTH! Holy Crap! That is awesome! We are so excited and love all of the RSVPs that we are getting in. Now we are in the odd waiting time--it is too early to buy a lot of food and do a lot of stuff, and most of the big decisions have already been made. So we are trying to think of all the little things that we may have previously overlooked. One thing that is 100% ready to go is the honeymoon. Oh, that honeymoon. I daydream about it every day. VACATION!

Less than 2 months to go...I am going to milk this engaged/ wedding/ bride thing as much as I can.