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Fuzzy in a tux

This is exactly and precisely what I'm going to look like in my new Calvin Klein 2-button tuxedo.

Actually, we fit Men's Wearhouse into our Sunday errands outing, so I was trying on tuxes in an I Am Ten Ninjas t-shirt and a Lucky Charms baseball cap. Oh, and two days unshaven. Classy.

We decided that buying made sense over renting because, hey, tuxedo. I've already gotten so much use out of my $10 tuxedo, that having an actual, fancy one makes a lot of sense.

The rest of our Sunday errands were concerned, primarily, with ever-larger-spiraling organizational systems for our home office. We're going to print the wedding invitations ourselves, so it made perfect sense to buy a color laser printer (an HP LaserJet 2600N since you asked). But then we couldn't just set it up in the office until we'd cleaned off my desk. And if we're going to clean off my desk, we might as well coil and velcro all of the loose cables in the office. And buy all new bins to replace the moving boxes everything is sitting in. And get a label-maker to label all those bins. And... you get the picture.

(Oh, and... make blog posts instead of finishing that project.)


Snazzy. People will only be able to tell us apart by the 3rd button on my CK tux. Well, that and no beard. Or tattoos. Maybe only really drunk people will confuse you with someone else, then. Well, drunk people and step-grandparents.

that's funny. We were just talking about buying a new laser printer as well! Everyone needs a new printer it will totally make up for doing the invitations yourself. $$$

That picture reminds me of John Basedow. When they do those commercials, they always oil up his body so he looks more buff, but they use matte makeup on his face, so his head always looks like it was keyed onto somebody else's body.

Your head is large and your torso long. Erica's a lucky woman.