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Thanks, Target

Chillin' while Registerin'

On Saturday we went over to Target to replicate our Bed Bath & Beyond registry for friends who might only have a Target in their area. And it's hard to turn down a visit to Target (Choxie!).

When you hand back in the scanner gun, it's supposed to take less than 10 minutes for your selections to show up in your online registry. When ours hadn't shown up 3 hours later, I sent an email to customer service through the Target website. I was rather impressed when I received a reply just 20 minutes later from what seemed to be a real person. Of course, that person said they'd have to hand my problem off to a registry specialist, and it took until today for that registry specialist to get back to me. But today, thanks to the efforts of Target researcher Peggy, our registry items are back under our name (they were on someone else's registry -- I'm surprised they didn't notice the sudden appearance of 117 new items, including two monkey lamps and a bug vacuum).

So... Target Club Wedd, search for Erica Reid, Illinois.