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Thanks to Steve for helping me with the JavaScript so that when you "regretfully decline" you can't enter a number of people who are not coming.

That little form below is part of the mad rush to get the invitations out. I'm including a URL in some of the invitations, and so the form had to be up before people got the invitation and tried to go to it.

There are some wedding traditions that are awesome and really speak to us about our upcoming celebration of our commitment. Rings, for example, and the exchanging thereof, are great. There are other traditions that are right out. "Who gives this woman away?" Boo. I'm not trading Erica's dad three cows and a chicken for her hand in marriage.

But then there are a whole mess of traditions and expectations that we have no strong feelings about one way or the other. Cake? Eh. We love dessert, but I'm not sure either of feels any great need to have a giant wedding cake. (I, for one, really don't like most cake.)

Now any time you mess with traditions (and ignoring the whole notion that tradition was invented in the 19th century) there will be some people who are offended. If you're offended by any change, I'm not sure I can help you. But we do recognize that people differ and what for us is an Eh-tradition, might be a Really Important-tradition for someone else. If that's the case, and we diddle with something at our wedding that you think is just too much, please be kind and realize that we never mean to offend -- we're just trying to make our wedding day special for us, while balancing the needs and expectations of our friends and family.

All of that is prompted by the RSVP -- we're doing something for our wedding that I think some people might think is a breech of etiquette, but we're willing to take the risk and push the envelope. Most people will NOT be getting a return envelope for the RSVP in their invite. Instead, they'll be getting a slip of paper that asks them to reply via email to rsvp@ericaandfuzzy.com or to visit http://ericaandfuzzy.com/rsvp/ and RSVP electronically.

We know that not everyone has a computer, so we went through our entire invite spreadsheet and divided it into Hi-tech and Low-tech (if you're reading this, you're most likely in the Hi-tech group). Low-tech people get a reply envelope. Hi-tech people get pointed here. And we'll take what would have been all those 39¢ stamps and turn them into cake (or other desserts. For me.)


It slays me, but we're going to be in South Carolina visiting Anna's family, unfortunately. I look forward to celebrating the both of yas when I come up for the LATE ride.

But we really NEED three cows and a chicken!!!!

I know a man with a fear of cakes.

So sorry we won't be able to make it out there. With a 4-6 week old baby, we're figuring getting out of town will be tricky.

Congrats again!

Dan & Trish Izzo

Well &^%$, It looks like the Mahan/Gillis clan will not be able to make it. I am truly heartbroken not to be able to come but I know it will be a very happy, loving celebration with lots of hugs (as the Reid clan are a family of huggers!!) Take lots of pictures and know that we are thinking of you and love
you both very much!
with lots of hugs,

Sadly, I won't be able to attend. I'll be cruising the Caribbean with Second City, but I'll raise a glass to your nuptuals!

Erica and Fuzzy, We will be honored to attend your wedding! Put us down for two OK? Love, Jackie and Dennis Hovde

Hi Erica and Fuzzy,

We sent in our RSVP saying we WOULD be at your wedding, but now, we're writing to say we WON"T be there. Boo hoo. We're sooo disappointed! My Dad just had open heart surgery and is in need of my help that weekend. I'm really, really sorry. I can't tell you how much we wanted to be at your wedding. We'll really miss seeing you all!

Diana and Jim

I'm an idiot and I have to teach.
But I'm so happy for you!!!
Susan Alice