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Well, Invitation Day stretched into Invitation Long Weekend, but this morning I mailed out 250ish invitations. The same thing applies as to the Save The Date card -- if you think you're invited, you're invited, so if you don't get your invite in a week or so, let me know -- it's likely lost in the mail. It's not because we didn't invite you. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

(Lordy -- 250 invites! Just between you and me, I'm sure I have forgotten to invite some dear, close friend of mine. Just because it's too many names to think of all at once.)


OH MY GOSH! Those are the cutest invites ever!!! I love them. I am so happy for you (I found you blog again afteer losing it). Thanks for the wonderful comments about Langley too- she is pretty cool.
Mary (and Jamie)