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Erica and the registry gun

As something of a shy person, registering, that is, telling people what you want to get as presents for your wedding, makes me vaguely uneasy. I don't want to seem greedy. And I wasn't really sure how much stuff we needed. I mean, Erica and I have each lived on our own for many years. And if you've been over to the house you know we have plenty of stuff. But family and friends have been asking where we were registered, sometimes repeatedly.

So last night we made a mature decision to cancel our reservations for Chicago Underground Comedy and went over to Bed Bath and Beyond and got some by-gum registering done.

Fuzzy pretends to register for a pan

Somehow in my head I was thinking of registering like it was "shopping". I mean, I can get in and out of a store pretty efficiently, so I was figuring on being there maybe an hour. We were there 3 hours and part of that was just because I was getting worn out and hungry, so I think we zoomed through towels perhaps faster than we might have otherwise.

It's exhausting making all those choices. And the endless possibilities. We registered for a couple of things (a Dyson vacuum cleaner!) that no one's going to get us. Unless they do...

So we're registered for a bunch of stuff at BB&B (registry # 2309651). When we finally got home, I got online and deleted a bunch of stuff from that registry, and then made registries at Target (search for Bride, Erica Reid, Illinois) and Amazon. There isn't really anything in those yet, but maybe we'll fill those out during ANTM tonight.


Wow, Erica, you look like you are really getting into this registering thing with that almost crazed look!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! I mean, when we registered, it was literally, okay, we like these plates and glasses and flatware. That's it. And I didn't get ANY of it!! Okay, one place setting, and that was the DISPLAY!!!! So, yours is better!!!!!!!! I personally love the fact that y'all registered for LINT ROLLERS!! SOMEBODY'S GOT A CAT!!!!!

Looked at the registry briefly and realized that Chris and I have the same plates and bowls (Colorwave). Good choice! We love ours. They are sturdy. Good for every day use but also pretty. And they dry fast in the dish rack.

And, I totally sympathize with the thoughts on the idea of a registry. Ask the Reids about it. We agonized over it. All told, it worked out fine and I'm glad we did it. We ended (mostly) with things we needed and wanted and it was easier to return the things we decided later that we didn't want.

Lastly, a word of caution about BBB. They change styles and paterns seasonally. So a lot of the things we registered for were no longer available when it came time for the wedding. Your wedding is close so I'm thinking you probably won't have a issue. But just keep that in mind when you start getting gifts and open 1/2 a set of something and then aren't able to get the rest of the set (i.e. blankets and sheets).

Yeah--we liked the graphite dishes the best, but I said that we shouldn't get the blue, cause it is what you guys had! But we thought it was the classiest, most practical, and most economic.

The good thing though about BBB is that you can return gifts for cash. Chi-Ching! But thanks for the heads-up.

And mom, that picture of me was taken before we had even scanned a single item. So I guess I am just crazed!!!