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Save the Date

Save the Date - July 29, 2006

I just ordered our Save the Date postcards from Rocket Postcards, my long-time printers for show cards and such. The illustration is by our good friend Noah and represents one of those long design processes where, after 4 or 5 revisions of 3 or 4 designs, you ask "that first thing you did? Can we go with that?" First thought, best thought, my friends.

The notion of a Save the Date card is yet another wedding thing I had never really thought about. "If you know the date your wedding is going to be, why not just send out the invitation?" I asked myself. Well, self, the answer is that if you've told a bunch of people September, but then changed the date of your wedding to July, and if you're not ready with all the details like hotels, the exact time, etc. but you do want people to, well, save that date, then you need to send something out. So that's what we're doing.


That is just the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

date saved. I love it! :)

that's really adorable.

How delightful! And, I laughed because the first thing I thought when I saw the picture above is, "It looks like Erica is in the middle of saying, 'I'm Jerry Clower! HHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!'"