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Congrats, Dan and Vicky

Dan and Victoria are Awesome

So, our friends Dan and Victoria did, in fact, get married.

Of course, for the next 9 months, every wedding we go to (and Erica can correct my exaggeration here) and I think we have 20 or 30 coming up this year, will simply be grist for the planning-our-own-wedding mill. Green dress - noted. Penguin theme - noted. Reception hall - noted.

(Yes, penguin theme. There was a delightful note in the program about how penguins mate for life and go on silly walks.)


Aw! Thanks for that pic, I loved John at this reception hall. He asked what we wanted, I said that cautiously, looking at Victoria with hope. And John cheered "Ooookay! Let's do that!" and laughed. I could hardly wait for people to see it.

Oh, and the notes on penguins were in the menus. The actual wedding programs just had a picture of a flock of penguins crossing over a snowhill.