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The earliest stages of wedding planning

As I just said (I guess I'm in a bunch-of-short-posts mood today) we're a little breathless, between the holidays and Erica's rehearsals for upcoming shows and the side work I've been doing, but we've started to make some of the earliest glimmers of some you could call planning a wedding.

We've started saying "September" instead of "Fall", for one. And Erica has a dress picked out already (I'll let her talk about that one). And we're trying to get down to the South Side to look at this Chicago Parks facility that was recommended to us (though we're way open to suggestions on this one -- we're just looking for a reasonably priced venue where we can have a wedding and then serve our own food and drink for, oh, a couple hundred guests -- preferably with access to the outdoors so that if it's nice we can be outside, too).


First of all, YAHOOOOOOOOOO! I'm so linking this site in my blog tomorrow, when I have the energy to do HTML.

Second, our location is obviously winter-based so I wish I had suggestions there. So far though, I have to say I'm really happy with our vendors (videographer, photographer, DJ, etc). When you get that far, Vicky and I will have BINDERS full of stuff we can share.

Plus, we're crafty in general and want to help in any way you can (we love you two)!

Hey Fuzzy and Erica...are you guys talking about this place?
South Shore Cultural Center
photo of the inside: http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/custom.spf/spf/SPF810DFB27_D0B7_75AB_4D9AA7257AC419C4

it is gorgeous and has this 1920's feel to it.

i've heard this mansion is nice:

and this isn't nature-y at all, but it does have two rooms: 1 for appetizers/drinks, etc that is night clubby, and one for the ceremony/reception, that has a cool skylight:
Chicago Fine Arts Exchange.

I could also see you guys doing something totally unconventional,like a theater on an off night or something.

I have a lot of friends getting married right now. Can you tell? Kristen

just watch for those Chicago fees. That's where they get ya. But really, I found them to be pretty reasonable. They were the only places we were realistically looking at. If I had a million dollars to burn this year, I would have had my wedding at the cafe braurer. That place made me cry it was so nice.

I think the place we are thinking of is called Promontory Point and it is a Chicago Parks lakefront fieldhouse type thing...I called them and left a message, but never heard back. I think we may just go down there one morning and check it out.

Thanks for all the help, guys! Keep it coming!