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Shiny Ring

I really need to take a picture of Erica's shiny, shiny ring. When my dad gave me the ring, it was a little big for Erica and (in retrospect) was a little dirty. At the advice of a coworker, we took the ring to Holtzmann's on Clark. Patrick Holtzmann measured Erica's finger and took the ring. I've never had a ring resized before, and the place is rather fancy, so I asked with a little trepidation how much it was going to be. $25. Whew!

Erica got the ring back in just a few days and not only is it the perfect size now, but it's shiiiii-ny. They even offered that just before she heads to Mississippi to show it off to her family for the first time that she should stop back in and they'd polish it up again.